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Sugar Daddy Asks Student To Drain His Credit Cards In Return For Photos of Feet

A student splashed out on a major shopping trip after her sugar daddy told her to ‘drain’ his credit card, buying all the girls in her group chat a new wardrobe.

Amy Williams, from Glasgow, has an agreement with her loaded admirer – known as Richard – where she sends him photos of her feet in exchange for money. But the 21-year-old decided to share the wealth in a recent exchange and treated her mates to a haul of trendy clothes from fast-fashion giant Missguided.

When the massive delivery arrived at her home, Amy’s pal Sarah posted screenshots from their order that showed various items of clothing, including a £55 bomber jacket all the way down to a pair of leggings for £12.

Taking to Twitter,she shared a pic, with the caption: “Amy’s ‘sugar dad’ just treated the whole girls’ chat to clothes, hahah.”

Then once the mountain of clothes had been delivered, Sarah posted another snap of it all, with the caption: “It’s arrived.”

After spotting the posts, which received thousands of likes, fellow Twitter users flooded the comments to ask how they could get involved.

One envious fashionista wrote: “Okay, how can I get in on the girls’ chat?”

“Where did she find the sugar daddy?? Help, I need one,” said a second.

While another added: “Okay well, I also want involved.”

Joking about the transaction, Amy replied: “At least I was nice and gave him the £176 student discount.”

But it wasn’t just jealous shoppers who saw the post – Missguided was alerted to the deal and launched a competition giving other group chats the opportunity to win a dream wardrobe.

The firm tweeted: “Amy’s sugar daddy works hard, but Missguided works harder. We’re giving away one girls’ group chat their entire wish list. Comment below why we should pick you and your squad.”

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Amy said she has been involved with her sugar daddy for the past four months after she tweeted saying she had no money.

She said: “There was so much stuff, I had to label it all up in my room with everyone’s name on it so I didn’t get confused!

“I’ve had the arrangement since May. I tweeted saying I was skint and needed a sugar daddy and he direct messaged me straight away offering money in return for feet pictures.

“I thought he was talking rubbish, as there’s loads of fake people like that on Twitter, so I said ‘money first’, and he sent me one of his credit cards and told me to buy myself something – so I did and it worked.”

The Glaswegian added: “As time went on, he started sending me money literally just for pictures of my feet, which I’m sure anyone would do.

“Then just recently he’s sent me credit cards with big amounts on them like £2,500 and told me to ‘drain’ the lot of them and treat me and my friends.

“He also sends me money for the feet pics quite regularly which is just really strange. But [I’m] definitely not complaining, it’s only feet.”

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