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Tattooed Instagram Model Reveals What She Looked Like Before Huge Transformation

Tattoos are a beautiful form of art and many people ink their bodies to express themselves in a truly unique way.

But there are many risks that come with permanently marking our bodies, and some of these risks can be extreme. However, Amber Luke, an Instagram model knew the risks when she went into her journey and has still had every inch of her body covered, even her eyeballs.

But recently, she revealed what she used to look like before the huge transformation and it’s shocking to say the least.

Keep scrolling to see all of her old photos…

Tattoos are an incredible artform…

And millions of people worldwide enjoy to express themselves through this beautiful art.

A tattoo is unique to the individual…

And it all depends on what this individual likes or how they want to present themselves.

Tattoos were initially seen as something only punks and alternative people would get…

But today in 2020, everyone now has a tattoo, including the rich and famous.

More and more people are getting experimental with their ink…

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bud light baptism

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And a person’s tattoos can truly define them… such as our beloved Post Malone, who is famous for his facial tattoos.

But of course…

Not all tattoos are to everyone’s taste.

Some tattoos are considered extreme or offensive…

Especially those that are very big and very exposed.

And it goes without saying…

All tattoos come with their physical risks and if they aren’t looked after properly, serious infections can be caused.
So one can only imagine the risks of tattooing every single part of your body.

Tattooing is only really done on the skin, but some people can take things to the extreme until they’re basically unrecognizable.

This is Amber Luke, an Australian Instagram model who has had almost every inch of her body inked, costing her over $20,000.

She’s even tattooed her eyeballs!

Even though it made her blind for approximately a month, it was worth it for her.

It’s a difficult challenge, but a lot of people opt to put themselves through it.

This horrifying procedure was developed around 10 years ago and it involves a small amount of ink being injected under the conjunctiva (the clear membrane covering the front of the eye) and over the sclera (the whites of the eye).

If you look closely, the whites of her are blue…

For some, it must be strange to see, but Luke is proud of her appearance.

And not only that…

She is constantly changing up her hair to suit her unique style.

Originally from New South Wales, she goes by the name “Blue Eyes White Dragon.”

She has also gained a very loyal fanbase.


With a very distinct appearance, Amber has managed to gain over 81,000 followers on her social media, who she regularly connects with.

And during a Q&A, she revealed some very personal pictures.

And no, not the ones you can pay for on her OnlyFans.

The model asked her fans to send her in some questions to answer, which they happily obliged to.

One user was intrigued about the past…

They asked: “How did you look before you [got] tattooed” with a little smiley face and Amber truly gave us a shock when she posted a set of unrecognizable photos…

Instead of sporting tattoos, she revealed herself to be a fresh-faced blonde…

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